Twenty Twenty Two in Review

    Another year has passed so I figured what better time to publish a blog post of a bunch of my favorite memories and sessions from 2022. It's a perfect way for me to reflect on the special moments and achievements in my photography career. Its also a great time to be reminded that im getting older and can hardly remember what I did this past spring.... ugh!

    Looking back, the beginning of 2022 was still heavily dominated by the pandemic. We were still wearing masks everywhere, paying $250 for a "brain tickle" so we could travel and flashing vaccine passports so we could eat in resturants. So while I sat down today to reflect on this past year (January feels like a lifetime ago), I was reminded that despite all the crazy, there was A LOT of good this year too.

    I had the honor and privilege of witnessing thirteen couples (fourteen weddings) promise their forever to each other. I know this sounds soo cheesy and I've definitely said this many times before, but I LOVE love. My passion for documenting couples' love stories even took me on a 2-week adventure to Paris, France this summer. I am grateful to have been a part of so many couple's magical days and to have also gained a couple of new friends in the process.

    Along with documenting and capturing the love of many families, engagements, pregnancies, and newborns, I also stepped in a different direction a couple times -- I photographed Dan Mangan's performance at the Port Theatre, Wellington highschool's Prom and the VIU nursing pinning ceremony. I also started offering in-studio sessions, which was an entirely new learning opportunity for me, but I loved it. It truly is and always has been a privilege to record moments and memories for families & couples, but since the pandemic, it feels just that much more significant.

    On a more personal level, 2022 also was a big year for learning new things and taking the time to slow down and enjoy time with my little family. For the first time in probably a decade, I was able to slow down and live in the moment with my kids without worrying about all the sessions backing up on my computer (thank you to everyone for their patience). We bought a new-to-us 18ft bunkhouse trailer and took it on 4 camping trips. Back to the whole "learning new things" bit... I bought a trailer never having towed ANYTHING in my entire life. Our first little getaway was just to Parksville, but during the 45-minute drive, I was convinced the trailer was going to unhitch and fall off my vehicle lol. Don't worry, that never happened.... and I even backed it in and unhitched it all by myself... seriously I was so proud. Next, we ventured to Gordan Bay, then Hornby island, and finished off at Nanaimo Lakes. It was a seriously wonderful summer. Talon says now that I can tow a trailer, I should also buy a boat and maybe learn to fly a plane...

    2022, it's been a slice. You have given me a stronger appreciation for slowing down and being present in the moment. You have shown me some really wonderful times with my family and closest friends and of course many photos to carry along the memories. With 2023 just hours away, I can confidently say I am ready to close this chapter and start a new one, filled with many more memories, adventures and maybe a few plane rides...

    Thank you so much for being here and for supporting this business of mine. It means more than you will ever know. I hope you enjoy scrolling through some of 2022's sessions. 

    Much love and a happy new year!
    Jenna, xo


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